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Jewellery Care

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products against resin yellowing or discoloration. To keep your piece in perfect condition please follow the below guide.

Take it off when doing housework

Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products will damage the finish of your jewellery piece instantly. Rings, in particular, can be easily bent or scratched.

Take it off when sunbathing

Strong UV rays can damage the finish of your jewellery, and the resin can also be damaged by extreme heat and light.

Take it off when you are showering / bathing or Swimming

We recommend that you remove all jewellery when showering or bathing as even everyday products such as shampoo or bodywash can damage the finish.


Swimming, in either chlorinated pool water or salty sea water, is extremely damaging to the Rhodium plating and the resin on your jewellery.

Take it off when applying perfume / hand sanitiser

It’s best to remove your jewellery when applying perfume, cosmetics, hair spray, lotions and hand sanitisers as these contain harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Guide


Liquid Silver Cleaner

Keep your silver clean by using a liquid silver cleaner and polishing cloth to buff it back into shape. If you have any gemstones set into the silver, this can be a great way to clean any deposits around the setting.


Silver Polishing Cloth

A silver polishing cloth is a quick and clean way to keep silver jewellery bright, and can be quicker and easier than other methods. Available from hardware shops, the cloth contains anti-tarnish properties. Simply rub gently on your silver jewellery to remove tarnish.


The Resin

Resin is a hard substance but can be scratched or damaged using abrasive cleaners, We suggest warm water and a soft cloth to clean the resin part of your jewellery

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