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Yellow Roses




How Its Made

To create cremation ashes jewellery, you will need to supply a proportion of the cremation ashes.


This is done easily using the Ashes Collection pack that we'll send to you on placing your order.


Using the measuring spoon supplied in the pack, carefully put the ashes into the sealable bag and return them free of charge.


Once we receive the cremation ash, our creation process can begin.

Our jewellery has a unique appearance which is unlike other ashes jewellery. When designing our ranges, we specifically want to create a beautiful 3D illusion of the ashes floating in the jewellery rather than a flat appearance.


We create this unique style by very carefully layering tiny pieces of cremation ashes between layers of liquid resin in the colour of your choice and layers of coloured crushed glass. The process requires a very steady hand, an eye for detail and the upmost care and attention. 

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